Monday, February 24, 2014

Avery's first few weeks and some of her firsts

Our cute little Avery!

Beautiful peanut. We couldn't stop staring at her.

Little Avery sleeping in her crib

Smiling in her sleep :)
Avery going to Church for the very first time, wearing the outfit that daddy picked out for her when mommy and daddy found out that their baby was going to be a girl!

Avery's flower is bigger than her head!

All dolled up in her beautiful crib

Avery and daddy doing some skin-to-skin time

Avery's first bath at home!!

Hello world!

Mommy, daddy and Ita being extra careful! (And recording everything!)

I'm all clean now!

I'm cold!!!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Avery's 0 birthday party (technically her first one)

We celebrated Avery's birth with my wonderful parents, and most of my wonderful in-laws. Technically, her first birthday party! My father and mother-in-law brought us a cake to celebrate Avery. What a neat tradition, that we wish to continue with our future children!

Avery with grandma Hanzon

Avery with grandpa Hanzon

Avery with aunt Haley

Avery with uncle Reece

Avery with her parents, aunt Kirsten, uncle Reagan, and cousin Mason

We had an unforgettable celebration filled with music, love, food,....and some breastfeeding

See? I told you! (Sorry the picture is blurry...)

Zane and Kirsten with their firstborn babies!

Avery has some very good-looking grandparents!

The cake and balloon

Her '0' birthday cake! Loved it!

Avery gets some visitors :)

Avery was a very lucky and loved baby. So many wonderful people came to visit her! I wish I could have a picture of each person that came, but I have included some below. And so many friends and family went to visit Avery at the hospital as well! Please know how grateful we were and are for your love and care.

Our little peanut

Tata 'regaloneando' with Avery

John Harris meets Avery. She looks sooo tiny!

The Malzl kids came to meet little Avery

Avery with tia Laly

We had such a fun pool that our visitors were able to enjoy!

Aunt Yeya and uncle Kako wanted to talk to Avery from Chile

Extra: Some beautiful flowers that my co-workers and boss sent for me :). Love the Budget Office!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Avery's first hours at home. And her first Dr. Appointment with Dr. Lam.

Proud daddy holding his beautiful baby girl. She was SO INCREDIBLY LITTLE!!! Oh what happy moments we lived as first time parents. Even though we were ridiculously sleep deprived, and extremely careful about EVERYTHING, we couldn't be happier! We couldn't stop staring at her cute little face. And hands. And toes. I still look at her and have a hard time believing she grew in my belly....

With Dr. Toan Lam (originally from Vietnam). She did great at her first check-up, even though she went down to 5 pounds after birth! (Which is normal after they are born). She was a little jaundiced (most likely due to her weight), so we kept her by the window at home so she would catch some vitamin D :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Going home!

Here are some pictures of us getting ready to go home with our little Avery. I still couldn't walk well (because of the swelling of pushing for so long, and an episiotomy), and I felt so incredibly inadequate yet excited to be taking our baby home with us. Zane and I were going to be taking care of a real tiny human being all by ourselves!!! CRAZY! I sat with Avery in the back of the car and felt like all drivers were ridiculously irresponsible and everyone was driving way too fast. I'm sure I felt the same way as every first time parent has.

I remember having these very deep emotional feelings thinking that such a pure little being had come to Zane and I, and that we were responsible for her survival and nurture. It was an incredibly humbling experience, and I was filled with gratitude, humility, and love.

Avery's balloons at the hospital. We had some neat visitors!

Daddy dressing up Avery

Avery ready to head home. But she is too little to ride in a car!

Whazzup world! Here I come!

Are we ready to do this?

We made it! (Despite all the crazy drivers and us driving at 30 mph). Welcome home Avery Sofia!!!