Thursday, February 16, 2012

2010 - Our firstborn baby is a... GIRL!!!!!!!!

Even though we had SUCH an incredible time in Chicago, our favorite part about coming back was the ultrasound appointment we had scheduled, in which we would (hopefully) find out the gender of our baby. Most of our family and friends guessed that we would be having a girl...and they were right!!! We were just SOOO thrilled!!! We both got so emotional and happy! The ultrasound technician, who was the mother of all boys, and a super nice lady, asked us if we wanted to find out, to which we said YES!!! So after a little while, she said: Okay, I know, I am completely sure...are you guys ready??? We said YES!!! And she said: It's a girl!!! It was an amazing feeling!!! A friend of ours told us of a new tradition she had started. After they found out the gender of their baby, her and her husband went to pick out an outfit for their baby. We thought it was a great tradition, so we copied it. Zane and I drove to Carters and we each chose an outfit for our baby girl! :).

2010 - my belly at 19 weeks pregnant

...and I was CONVINCED at the time that I was "totally showing"...

2010 - We love you Chicago!

Zane gave me a ticket to go to the Windy City for my birthday! He was scheduled to be there for a week for a JP Morgan Chase Financial Advisor training, so it was the perfect opportunity for us to go. I was SO excited I couldn't wait! We LOVED it! We enjoyed some sightseeing, a Bulls game (against the Mavs), good food, museums, shopping, an amazing view from the John Hancock Center (with an audio tour by "Ross Geller" from Friends (David Schwimmer)). We had SO much fun, even though I was SOOO exhausted from walking, walking, walking...

2010 - my belly at 16 weeks pregnant

2010 - Danielito's baptism and happy birthday Nany!

March 6, 2010 was a day to celebrate! My littlest cousin Danielito Malzl got baptized! He asked Zane to give a little talk and me and his dad Christoph to sing a musical number. We sang the "Baptism" song from the Children's songbook. It was such a beautiful day! It also happened to be my birthday! My last birthday as a non-mother (although I already was...).