Monday, March 29, 2010

Remembering 2009 - Happy birthday my Zane!


Zane was such a lucky boy!!! He got 2 surprise b-day parties and one amazing birthday day date with his hot wife!

The first one was at Reece and Haley's house. Haley was so cute!!! She made all these decorations for Zane's birthday! And of course, we could not have celebrated Zane's birthday (and Super Bowl weekend) without Kirsten's football treats!!! The second one was at the apartment of our friends the Cox's. Zane thought I would be visiting teaching, so as "my companion could not come" I asked him to walk me over to their home. Then it was "surprise" with some of our friends from our ward.

The day of his birthday Nany took Zane to Texas Roadhouse where he had some amazing ribs!! We had plan to go bowling after dinner...but we were exhausted, so we left it for another day :)

Zane was so lucky to get the Superman movie, Starburst candy... and ...the Nintendo WII!!! We actuall both love it, haha...but it could sure get more use than it does!! Feel free to stop by to play any time!

Zane, I am SO happy that you were born!!! You are the most amazing husband anyone could ever wish for!!!