Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ridiculously behind...

So I am still posting about stuff from 2009...I am sooo behind!
I wonder if I will ever catch up. Zane even asks me...are we married yet in our blog? Since this last post we've both gotten promotions at work, attended more weddings, blessings, birthday parties, and baptisms, gone on fun trips, attended fun Broadway plays, had an ectopic pregnancy and surgery, then a real pregnancy (with kidney stones twice), bought another house with a swimming pool, and had the most beautiful baby girl ever. We have been blessed.

Maybe it will be a new years resolution to catch up AND stay caught up with our blog. In the meantime, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful NEW YEAR. May the Lord bless you all.

Good night.

...and they got married!

2009 was a year of weddings for us. My friends Romy and Gaby tied the knot. They were beautiful brides and I could not have been happier for them. Zane and I had the privilege to attend their sealings in the SLC temple. Congrats Ucedas and Sandbergs! (Going on a year 1/2 wedding anniversary now...)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Romy & Gaby's bridal showers

My dear friends Romina Marin (Uceda) and Gaby Martinez (Sandberg) both got married last year. They had super fun bridal showers, with super yummy food (thanks sister Marin!). I even won Gaby's 'make Gaby's veil competition' and Romy's 'don't cross your legs competition.' Here are some highlights:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bye bye Covey! We bought a duplex in the Avenues!

Bye bye Covey Apartments! It was actually a bittersweet farewell. Yes, the apartment in the Covey was just one big studio, yes, it had a micro refrigerator, yes, we were on the 6th floor and the elevator (the oldest in SLC) would not work 50% of the time, yes, our bathroom sink fell out of the wall. However, it was the first place we lived in as a married couple, the view was incredible, it was cheap, the ward was incredible, we made some everlasting friendships, we both walked to work, the temple, and the gateway, and we just loved it!

We will never forget the memories we built in our little Covey apartment :)

HELLO AVENUES!!! We bought a duplex in the Avenues! Our idea was to find something that would serve us as a home and an investment property, and we found the perfect house in the Avenues! Thanks Holly for finding it for us! And THANK YOU everyone that helped us move! We could NOT have done it without all your help!!!

Our "extended" studio at the Covey

Hello Avenues!

BBQing in Liberty Park

We had a fun afternoon BBQing in Liberty Park with some friends in our ward. Zane was in charge of using our little Coleman grill for the 1st time. I think he did a pretty good job (and I think he thought so too, hahaha). This was the last activity we spent in our ward, since we...bought a duplex in the Avenues!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun at the Bees game for FHE

On a Monday night, for an FHE (Family Home Evening) activity, Zane surprised me with tickets to the Bees game. It was a pleasant evening (although I think the Bees lost!).

Painting our furniture

While we lived in the Covey apartments in downtown SLC, we decided to paint our furniture black. It was quite the adventure. I must say that some turned out GREAT...but some turned out horrible! We had so much fun doing it though!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Temple work for Zane's granddaddy

We had the sweet blessing of going to the Draper Temple to do the temple work for Zane's maternal grandfather. Zane was confirmed for his grandpa and he baptized his brother Reece for him. It was so sweet to watch. What a neat day!

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary my love!!!

We spent our 1st wedding anniversary at the Zermatt Resort in Midway. What a beautiful and fun place! Before we got there, we drove by Chatham Towne, which is where I lived when Zane and I met one Sunday night in October of 2006. We could not believe that a year had gone by since we got married. I feel SO incredibly happy and blessed to have Zane in my life. They say time flies when you are having fun!

Wedding Dresses and Quinceanera Fashion Show!

My friend Jessica Garcia Fillmore - former miss Utah Latina - organized this Latina event in 2009 and invited me to participate. It was A LOT of fun!! I got to meet new people, be on TV, and try on some fun wedding dresses. Fun times!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sergio's visit to the US!

My friend Sergio from Chile came to the US in March and stayed with us (in our extended studio at the Covey...thanks Sergio for being such a good sport! Haha!). We went to General Conference with him, miniature golfing, and to Las Vegas! (his favorite place, especially the aquarium, right Sergio? Haha). We had a great time with him!