Monday, October 6, 2008

Random happenings Part IV - Haley's and Reece's Open House in Colorado

We drove up to Colorado on Labor Day Weekend for Haley's and Reece's Open House. It was SO fun!! Haley looked SO good, and her hair looked beautiful!!! (Not that I helped...). Haley, I just loved your dress! Oh Reece, you looked great too! ;) There were lots of guests, really good food, beautiful flowers, INCREDIBLE home made raspberry sherbet (thanks Thais!), conversation with former high school teachers, friends and family, and....awesome presents for the new Hanzon fam!!

After the Open House we HAD to play a game of CRUD, yes CRUD. Zane will later explain what this game...I am sorry this sport is all about! Reagan was our LEADER, and Emily and Don joined us (we love them!! ), and so did Michelle, Luke's friend who served a mission in CHILE!! She did a great job as a greeny in the game of CRUD.

On Sunday afternoon Zane and I went for our "Sunday walk." talked about deep doctrine, McConkie versus Talmage, saw a beautiful rainbow, eagles, birds, but NO PRAIRIE DOGS! I was heartbroken. I love prairie dogs, but it had rained, so they were probably in their underground caverns getting warm.

We just had a GREAT time in colorful Colorado :)

Random happenings Part III - Melanie's b-day!!! And craazy Kiana....

We went up to Mapleton to celebrate our beloved MELANIE!'s birthday!! She is 11 now! I can't believe it! I CHANGED HER DIAPERS!!! She is a cutie and we love her! Oh by the way, she is my cousin :) Her crazy (and ADORABLE) little sister Kiana had to make an appearance in one of the pictures. Of course, because she is a riot and the life of the party (hija de tigresa???). We love those kids!

Random happenings Part II - Lucky Charms and others...

One Saturday evening we had the Fails (Zane's sis Kirsten and her hubby Reagan) over for a Chilean Feast. This feast included a Chilean style prepared meal: Pastel de papas, ensalada a la chilena, porotitos verdes, juguitos naturales, duraznitos y peras con crema y otros. After the feast we played the Chilean game: "Al corre el anillo" which we used to play with my family for Family Home Evening in Chile. Every time someone gets the answer wrong he or she must put down a "prenda" or any personal item down. In order to retrieve this item, one must execute a "fine" performance...of any kind!

Zane and Nany did the "Lucky Charms" song. Kirsten did her "facial trick" -and we didn't get any pictures! Inconceivable!! And Reagan delighted us with.....a lovely trick!

Random happenings Part I - Pfeifferhorn

Zane and Reagan hiked up the Pfeifferhorn before going back to school (Reagan) and starting a new job (Zane). Here are some pics: