Saturday, November 19, 2011

More belly pictures!!! 15 weeks pregnant

I honestly took SO many pictures of my pregnant belly!! Once a month, a think...or more! Here are some pregnant pictures. This picture was taken on March 2nd, 2010 at 15 weeks pregnant. Please disregard my "I feel like crap - pregnant face."

Zane's birthday 2010!!! Happy birthday future daddy!

My Zane had his 28th birthday party last year. Oh how grateful I am that Zane was born 28 years ago. He is the greatest blessing in my life and I love him with all my heart and soul! I had planned a surprise birthday party for him, which worked...until two minutes before the party started. Hahahaha, if you want the long version of the story, ask me! Kirsten, Reagan, Haley, Reece, and the Malzl's came. We ate delicious food, enjoyed great company, and watched Kirsten's ultrasound video! A great time was had by all. Happy birthday Zane!! And MANY more!!!!!!

Grizzlies with the Parkins!

We went to see the Grizzlies hockey team at the E Center in Salt Lake City with our friends the Parkins (and some of their relatives). It was so much fun! I felt like I (Nany) understood what was going on MUCH better than the first time Zane and I went.

Chile earthquake fundraiser at BYU

My friend Pablo Penailillo put together a fundraiser at BYU for the victims of the Chile earthquake. He asked me if I would like to participate in it by singing. I felt SO privileged to do so! Although I wasn't sure if I could to a good job with my nausea, I was excited to do it. I think I sang a couple of "boleros" from a Luis Miguel songbook. I LOVE TO SING THOSE SONGS!!!

Earthquake in Chile - February 2010

At 3:30 A.M. on February 27th, 2010 a magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck southern Chile. It was devastating. I (Nany) grew up used to earthquakes, but this one was something else; far worse than anything I had ever felt. My parents and siblings were in Chile, I was in Utah this time. Fortunately, they were safe. It was beautiful to watch the humanity, love, and compassion of people who helped in any way they could.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A January date

It has become, inadvertently, a Hanzon family tradition to go on a local hike during Martin Luther King Day holiday. This time, we went to the Little Dell Reservoir up Emigration Canyon. It was a GORGEOUS day. We were only able to take a couple of shots, since the battery in our camera died! Oh how I love dates with Zane Hanzon!!!

Emily Milne got married

Zane's beautiful cousin Emily got married on January of 2010. Her and Stephen make a beautiful couple! I remember that we had a great time...and that I was very pregnant sick that day...but it was SO fun to see all of Zane's extended family! I love those Milne girls!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Avatar in 3D, we loved it!

I was nervous about the 3D glasses, because I was pretty pregnant sick at the time, so I was afraid I could not watch the movie at the theater without interruptions...or disasters...However, I did it! And I did OK. WE LOVED the movie! It was such a fun date with my hubby!

Thank you my Zane

Zane is the best husband I could have asked or hoped for. He is SO thoughtful and considerate. I remember back in January of 2010 when I had a hard day at work and was feeling REALLY pregnant-sick, he came home with a beautiful gerbera plant, crackers, kisses, and a card. It COMPLETELY made my night. I am SO grateful to my husband for all the little things that he does for me. They are huge to me. They mean SO much to me.

Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo!!!

Reece and Haley invited us to the Hogle Zoo to look at the beautiful Zoo Lights at night. They had discounted tickets! They came from Provo with a friend of theirs and her little kid. With Zane, it was our first time at the Zoo. We had such a fun time.... And I got a little too "camera happy" with the animals!

New Years in Mapleton!

As is tradition, we went to the Malzl home in Mapleton to celebrate the New Year - in Chilean party style - and Laly's b-day. We sang, danced, ate, laughed...We had a BLAST!

Christmas in Denver-2009

What a fun time we had in Denver that Christmas! Even though Zane got a little sick by the end of it, and I was "pregnant" sick most of the time (with some unusual and scary bleeding - so sorry for tmi), we had a wonderful time! We ate wonderfully, went snowshoeing, enjoyed some great company and great conversation, and were grateful for the birth of our Lord!

The picture of the bed below is on Christmas morning...when Zane and Luke tried to wake me up because they couldn't wait to open presents!!! Seriously!?!?

Gingerbread house-making!

As is tradition, the Hanzon siblings and spouses met once again to work on our gingerbread houses! This time we went to Reece and Haley's cute Wymount apartment. Apparently, Zane ate most of the material for the houses...

I'm 6 weeks pregnant!

No, not now...yes back in December of 2009. And the cutest thing is...that I was so convinced that I had a little "bump" at the time! Below is my 6 week "bump"...and Zane's 6 week bump! Hahahaha! At this point, I wasn't feeling too sick yet. I had no idea what was awaiting me!

Thanksgiving in Mapleton

We spent the 2009 Thanksgiving holiday with the Malzl family. As usual, we had a wonderful time, ate a TON, and thought about all the many things that we are grateful for. We have been truly blessed.

New job

So it turns out that I (Nany) was offered a promotion at work. I was interviewed and was offered a position in the Church Budget Office. This was totally unexpected, but welcome. This implied a move to a different division within my Department (Finance and Records). I was excited for the change, although I was sad to leave my co-workers and bosses behind. I turned out to be a great opportunity though! I was given lots of new responsibilities and cool stuff to do. And the raise in pay wasn't too bad either!

We are.....pregnant!!!

So it turns out that 6 weeks after I had my emergency surgery, we got pregnant!! OH HOW EXCITED we were!! We seriously could not describe how happy, thrilled, and nervous we were! It was like a dream come true!

Hanzon Family Pictures

We took my first set of pictures with Zane's side of the family. Zane's parents and brother Luke were visiting for Thanksgiving in 2009, and we took the opportunity to take some family pictures. Heidi Childs, Zane's cousin, took the pictures. They turned out amazing!!! And looking back...oh boy we were all skinnier!

And I will have to post them next time :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wicked was OH SO WICKED

We went to Broomfield CO, in October 2009 to surprise Boyd, my father-in-law, for his birthday.... And since Wicked was playing in downtown Denver, Zane and I got tickets for the show. Oh my goodness, how I loved it! I even wore my green high-heels for the occasion. The pictures are in my in-laws camera, so maybe someday I will post those. If you still haven't seen the show, please GO!

...more weddings.

You can tell that we went to BYU, live in Utah, and are LDS, just by the amount of weddings we seem to attend every year. In the summer/fall of 2009, three of Zane's good friends (and mine by adoption) got hitched! Billy got married to the fantastic Jana, Luke got hitched to the great Kat , and Johnny B. married cute Christine. They all had lovely sealings/receptions, and we were so grateful to be a part of their special days. We were so happy to see them happily married! Here are some pictures!