Friday, June 27, 2008

April 26, 2008 An unforgettable day!!!

Que dia mas especial!!! We could not be happier! We felt so grateful to our family and our friends for ALL the help, time, talents, assistance, love, money, encouragement, etc, etc, etc..that they gave podriamos haberlo hecho sin ellos!!! We were just thrilled to make covenants with the Lord and each other in the temple.
The day started really early for Zane and Nany. I (Nany) had an appointment with the "hair and makeup lady" (a girl in my ward that works for Lancome), and Zane had an appointment with the "hair" lady to get his hair cut (his mom!) EARLY in the morning ( so I thought that by having a 2pm sealing I was going to be able to sleep in...mmm....wrong!). Then it was time to get everything ready and head up for the luncheon with the family-and a few close friends-at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown SLC. After surviving an almost head on collision with the TRAX, my roommate Patrice and I made it to the luncheon a few minutes after we had expected to arrive (does that surprise you? Really?) and greeted our guests that were already there...I wonder if Zane wondered where I was......
We had a WONDERFUL time!! The food was excellent and the company better. We had some really yummy food: Clam chowder and tomato soups, salads, fruit salads, raspberry lemonade and dessert!!! We got to express our gratitude and even sang a musical number for everybody! Families can be together forever in Spanish and English! It was to cry for! We finished our chessecakes and lemon pie cakes and were ready for the most important event in the Zane and Nany history: the sealing for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple......AHHH!!!
We arrived at the temple....EARLY, and Zane and I were able to spend some time by ourselves before the sealing as everybody waited in the room. There is where I told Zane: This is your last chance. You can still ran out the door! But right after I said this our sealer arrived and gave us counsel, so I guess it was too late for Zane...
What a wonderful sealing and sealer we had! It was such an honor to share this moment with loved ones. Our sealer said some really profound, neat, and valuable words to us, and counsel we will never forget (I better write it down...). We really appreciated him very much :) It was such a special and sacred time for us. We were soooo happy :)
After the sealing Zane and I exchanged rings with our moms. I mean, we exchanged rings with each other, not with our moms, but our moms were there, and we were ready for picture time!
So picture time started!! It was FREEZING outside, but everybody was such a good sport and smiled de oreja a oreja para las fotitos :) Gracias. We took some really good shots with everybody (that will be posted shortly) and then everybody left so we were left...alone... to take pictures :) After this we headed to our reception in Provo. WE WERE ALREADY MARRIED! IT WAS SO CRAZY! If you want to hear the counsel that my incredibly funny Bishop gave us, let me know and I will tell you privately. It would be too scandalous to post it here.
So off we went to Provo to the Yarro's home where we held our reception. It was actually really fun to have people stare at us and wave, smile, honk, and give us the thumbs up!!
Ralph Yarro was a member of the bishopric in Zane's old ward and his boss at CP80. They are such a wonderful, generous family!! Jackie (Ralph's wife) offered to make flower arrangements for the tables with silver cups that she had. They turned out to be gorgeous!!
So at the reception we greeted, we danced, we ate, we took pictures, we laughed, we sang, we cut the cake...or should I say Zane cut the cake, and then Nany cut it, and then they pretended to cut it together for the pictures, we watched the performers, we threw the bouquet and the garder..... and we left with bubbles!!! Okay so we made a fake farewell because we didn't want everybody gone by the time we were actually going to leave, so we "left" with bubbles and then came back and said our goodbyes. We especially wanted to say goodbye to my family because they were going back to Chile (unfortunately we could not take them to our honeymoon, I insisted but we had only reserved a room for 2), and we left! What a great day!
We are just really grateful to EVERYBODY for ALL the help we received with dresses, flowers, linens, clothing, arrangements, musical numbers, just carrying stuff, buying stuff last minute, etc, etc, etc. TO YOU THAT HELPED AND ARE READING THIS: THANK YOU. GRACIAS. GRAZIE. Okay, I hit my language limit :) We love you!! And we just celebrated our 2nd month anniversary yesterday...WE'VE MADE IT SO FAR!!! :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

The New Hanzon Family

Well, here we are. This is the first official blog and our first official post as the Hanzon family. WAHOO!!! We have now been married for almost two months and absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I don't think that either of us could have imagined that it would be this good. We have already had more than our fair share of laughs and must have reorganized our little apartment a million times. We have made countless trips to Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and REI in an attempt to return wedding gifts, secure much needed popcorn poppers and plungers, and oogle over potential gifts that never were (this mostly describes Zane in REI and the $400+ items that he insisted on registering for just in case). Anyway, our goal is to post regular updates and pictures of our amazingly incredible experiences and adventures. We also hope to, in the next week or so, give you guys a bit of a summary of our experiences in these first couple months of marriage.

Now to close on a more serious note, I (Zane) just want to give you all a idea of my feelings about being married. To have someone that you care so deeply about, to know that they love you exactly for who you are, to feel as though you will never be lonely again, and to know that this love lasts into the eternities is what I feel is possibly the best description of wedded bliss. Nany continues to tell me that we are still in the "honeymoon" stage of our marriage, but if that is the case, then I look forward to the wonderful experience of an eternal honeymoon. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for the incredible blessing it is to be married to such an incredible woman. She is my inspiration, my confidant, and my best friend (not to mention that she is ridiculously beautiful). Anyway, sorry for the mushy stuff. I hope you are all doing GREAT, and we will get you updated soon!!!