Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sergio's visit to the US!

My friend Sergio from Chile came to the US in March and stayed with us (in our extended studio at the Covey...thanks Sergio for being such a good sport! Haha!). We went to General Conference with him, miniature golfing, and to Las Vegas! (his favorite place, especially the aquarium, right Sergio? Haha). We had a great time with him!


So this was my very 1st time skiing for reals. Zane's parents took all the kids for a skiing trip to Brian Head. We stayed with Zane's grandparents in Cedar City. I love his grandparents!!!

My goal was to be able to "try" to ski in the bunny hill and not die. After just a few minutes there, my mentors (Zane, Boyd, and Luke...and also Kirsten and Reagan) sent me to the REAL DEAL!!! I guess they thought I was ready!! Or maybe they were REALLY bored, hahaha! (I think it was definitely the latter!) But guess what... I WAS SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! I actually didn't to so bad! It's a good think I had such low expectations of myself! There was one run when I actually did not fall. At all. I almost felt like a pro.

My Zaneito was so patient with me! I'm sure he wanted to ski the really hard stuff, being the great skier that he is, but he helped me instead :) What a good husband I have!

That's me learning how to "plow" and down below, the "pros."

Friday, July 9, 2010

More Chile (and we were so sad to leave)

We did so much while we were there!!! What a fun time it was!!! It went by WAY to fast though :( Maybe next time we won't have a reception to plan so we can do even more fun stuff!!