Saturday, January 2, 2010

Remembering 2009 - Part I

Wow, lots happened in 2009!!! It was a fun and eventful year in which Zane and I grew together, laughed together (and at each other), and overall it was a year of blessings and trials. Here is a little bit of what 2009 was :)

Draper Temple Open House!!

Zane and I had the opportunity to attend the open house for the Draper temple along with the Fails and the Provo Hanzons. We were able to enjoy the beautiful spirit that was present, the gorgeous art inside the temple, a fun bus trip, and some delicious gyros at a Greek Restaurant. We love temples, families, and...... food!! :)

Our friend Jessy gets married!

2009 was a year of weddings for us. Many of our dear friends tied the knot during that year. We felt honored to be part of their special day!

I felt privileged when Jessy asked me to do her hair and makeup for her bridals and for her wedding day :) We had so much fun! She was a gorgeous bride

President's Day Fun!

My mountain man and I decided to go on a little hike for the President's Day holiday. It was a GORGEOUS sunny winter day!!! We ended up in doughnut falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon and took some pictures. We absolutely love nature and we feel so blessed to live by so many beautiful surroundings!

Happy New Years 2009 at the Malzl's!

Being the amazing hostess that Laly Malzl is, once again we joined them and their friends in the biggest and funnest New Years party in all of Mapleton!! :) We danced, sang, ate, celebrated, and had lots of fun!! Happy New Year everyone!

Haha! I love Zane's face in this one!

Christmas 2008: Our 1st Christmas Married!

We were so happy to spend our very first Christmas as a married couple! It really was unforgettable! We purchased our 1st Christmas tree, our first Christmas ornaments, we sent our first Christmas cards....we had lots of 1sts! The big question when it came to our Christmas tree was...colored or clear lights? Even though we both preferred the clear ones, we decided that we wanted to have a colorful Christmas, since we will probably have clear lights in the future. After getting our little apartment all set up, we headed to Colorado for some Colorado Christmas with the Hanzon family! Here are some highlights!

Zane getting ready to take out our super fake/super cheap/super LOVELY Walmart Christmas tree!!!

It's coming along!

TADA!! The final product! Oops...but you get the idea ;)

Our GORGEOUS nativity from Ghana. We bought it from a man who runs an NGO that buys Christmas nativities from people in need from all over the world. Ours is made out of ebony :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

A Colorado Christmas!

Ready to go snowshoeing! WE LOVE IT!