Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Shout Out To My Wonderful Husband!!

So I have been trying to get our blog "up to date" for a while now. There has been so much going on and there are just so many pictures, (and they are currently in 3 different computers, plus we got a Mac Mini, so we are trying to figure that one out!) that I have not done the work as fast as I would want, but I promise that it will get done...sometime? :) So I will not wait until I update it to write this today.

I just wanted to say about how grateful I am for my husband. He is just incredible. He really is WAY more than what I bargained for. First of all, I am just in AWE of his spirit of service. I could write for hours about the incredible way in which he fulfills his callings, the way he cares about his friends and family, etc. But I will be selfish and write about his service to me.

For a couple of days last week I did not feel well at all. I suffer from migraines, and when I do I become paralyzed, my day is "over" unless I take a very strong pill that I have avoided to take lately. Zane has been so caring and understanding with me when I get them, he usually will turn the lights off in the house, he will get me an ice pack for my head, he will tuck me in bed and bring me food, he will try not to make noises and so get the idea. But last week I was just out. We had to do many things before our trip to Vegas (for Jimmy and Dawn's wedding), and I just couldn't do anything. I don't think I cooked anything, I did not clean at all, and basically just vegged in bed after work. As Zane came home, he cleaned, cooked, did dishes, did laundry, gave me kisses and took care of me. He kept asking me about how I felt and if I needed anything. On one particular day I slept for a long time, then when I woke up in the middle of the night, I realized that our apartment looked spotless and everything was taken care of. Really. Everything. I was so impressed and grateful!! The next morning Zane told me to look at our coffee table (which I hadn't noticed), and there was a little gerber daisies flower plant that looked like sunflowers. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers. He had gone to the store while I was asleep to surprise me when I'd wake up. And he said that he hoped that they would make me feel better. That just made my heart melt!!!

I mean, Zane will bring me flowers, clean everything, and surprise me like that, but this time I felt like I was going to explode in gratitude and love for him. Zane and I try to split the work around the house as much as we can (although I really think he is better at it than I am.... I get too distracted...), but he really is such a great help ALWAYS, he is SO service oriented it amazes me.... I need to learn from him!!

I just wanted to put into words the feelings of gratitude and love I have felt for him. Thank you Zane for serving me, taking care of me, and loving me, especially when I needed it the most. What a guy! I am so lucky I am married to him! :) Zane, I love you so much!!! Thank you for everything you do for me!!