Saturday, February 8, 2014

Going home!

Here are some pictures of us getting ready to go home with our little Avery. I still couldn't walk well (because of the swelling of pushing for so long, and an episiotomy), and I felt so incredibly inadequate yet excited to be taking our baby home with us. Zane and I were going to be taking care of a real tiny human being all by ourselves!!! CRAZY! I sat with Avery in the back of the car and felt like all drivers were ridiculously irresponsible and everyone was driving way too fast. I'm sure I felt the same way as every first time parent has.

I remember having these very deep emotional feelings thinking that such a pure little being had come to Zane and I, and that we were responsible for her survival and nurture. It was an incredibly humbling experience, and I was filled with gratitude, humility, and love.

Avery's balloons at the hospital. We had some neat visitors!

Daddy dressing up Avery

Avery ready to head home. But she is too little to ride in a car!

Whazzup world! Here I come!

Are we ready to do this?

We made it! (Despite all the crazy drivers and us driving at 30 mph). Welcome home Avery Sofia!!!

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