Friday, February 14, 2014

Avery gets some visitors :)

Avery was a very lucky and loved baby. So many wonderful people came to visit her! I wish I could have a picture of each person that came, but I have included some below. And so many friends and family went to visit Avery at the hospital as well! Please know how grateful we were and are for your love and care.

Our little peanut

Tata 'regaloneando' with Avery

John Harris meets Avery. She looks sooo tiny!

The Malzl kids came to meet little Avery

Avery with tia Laly

We had such a fun pool that our visitors were able to enjoy!

Aunt Yeya and uncle Kako wanted to talk to Avery from Chile

Extra: Some beautiful flowers that my co-workers and boss sent for me :). Love the Budget Office!

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