Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Avery's first hours at home. And her first Dr. Appointment with Dr. Lam.

Proud daddy holding his beautiful baby girl. She was SO INCREDIBLY LITTLE!!! Oh what happy moments we lived as first time parents. Even though we were ridiculously sleep deprived, and extremely careful about EVERYTHING, we couldn't be happier! We couldn't stop staring at her cute little face. And hands. And toes. I still look at her and have a hard time believing she grew in my belly....

With Dr. Toan Lam (originally from Vietnam). She did great at her first check-up, even though she went down to 5 pounds after birth! (Which is normal after they are born). She was a little jaundiced (most likely due to her weight), so we kept her by the window at home so she would catch some vitamin D :)

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