Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Malzl's Visit! Oh...and our sink fell out of the wall...

The Malzl's came to visit us!!! It was a lot of fun to visit with Laly, Christoph, Mattias, Melanie, Kiana and Danielito. For those of you who don't know, Laly is my dad's youngest sister, Christoph is her husband from Austria whom she met while she was going to school at BYU-Hawaii and M, M, K and D are their kids.

I cooked pastel de papa for them, (in my efforts to impress them since Laly is such a great cook), chatted, and then went to Memorial Grove park.

So about ten minutes before they arrived Zane was wipping off the sink in the bathroom as I was in the kitchen when I heard this LOUD LOUD noise, as if a building collapsed inside our apartment or something....I ran at full speed to the bathroom and saw Zane standing, speechless, with a shocked look on his face. Our bathroom sink was completely on the floor...broken. It just fell out of our wall. Well, we do live in a place that was built in like 1904 or something, but to have your sink fall out of your wall is quite the experience. Poor Zane was so traumatized by the event that the very first thing he said the next morning as he woke up was: Nany, our sink fell out of the wall.

More Independence Day Celebrations!

Okay, so it wasn't meant to be an Independence Day celebration, but our ward had a "Back to School activity" and Zane and I performed the "Cueca" which is Chile's national dance. We both found whatever we could and dressed up as huasos. Zane learned how to dance la Cueca a few hours before the performance. He did an EXCELLENT job! No esta mal para un gringuito ;)
Ps: In case you haven't noticed I haven't blogged in a long time!! (Hence the pictures before the stories)

Hanzon Autumness # 1

18 DE SEPTIEMBRE, VIVA CHILE!!!!!! (Chile's Independence Day)

Zane and I were so excited to celebrate our 1st Sept. 18th together. We went to a nearby Chilean Deli and had completos, empanadas, and Churrasco Palta. Even though it wasn't as good as the stuff my grandma used to make, the spirit of Independence was there. We both had fun and enjoyed the food. I am so proud of being a Chilean!! :)