Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My husband graduated! Yahoo!

My Zaneito graduated from BYU!!! He walked and received his diploma in August. His proud wife clapped, smiled, and took lots of pictures. That same day and literally minutes before we went into the Marriott Center, he got a phone call from JP Morgan Chase with a job offer! We were really happy and felt very blessed. I can no longer claim to be the sole bread-winner for our family anymore...but I can live with that ;)

S'mores in Cottonwood Canyon :)

We went up for s'mores with Luke, the Fails, and the other Hanzons up Big Cottonwood Canyon a couple of Sundays ago. We had an "interesting" political conversation, bear stories, etc. I (Nany) realized how weird I am for preferring burnt marshmellows over "golden crisp" ones. Those are good too, but I enjoy the taste of ashes in my mouth :) (will that make me cancer-prone??).

Monday, September 15, 2008

Zane climbs the west slabs of Mount Olympus with Luke and Reagan

Zane: Nany, this should only take about...6 hours, so we should be back by 1pm.

Nany: Oh ok, have fun!!!

Zane (at noon): Nany! I am waving at you! We are almost to the top! This took waaay longer than we expected...

Nany: Oh ok! Have fun and be careful, tell everybody hi from me!

Thais (on the phone): However long they say they will take...mmm.. times it by 2!

Nany: Thank you! I will keep that in mind...

Zane (sending text messages to my email): Mmmm, this is taking us waaaay longer than we thought... but I will be home soon!

Zane finally comes back at 8pm. I'm home! I am so tired and sore!

They all had a great time and they were safe. Zane looked like a raw-sore-sunburnt-pollito (little a cute way)! And I was really grateful for Thais' counsel because otherwise I would have panicked :)

A Jimmy Weekend!

Jimmy came to town and stayed with us for a weekend. He had the special privilege of staying in our Murphy bed! (Our bed that comes out of the wall and that was first inaugurated by my cousin Ally/Alejandra).

Zane and Jimmy played basketball at the church, we all went to "This is the Place," and we hiked up Ensign Peak. After that we got 25 cent lemonade from some little girls in the neighborhood, and then we went to see the Joseph Smith movie in the JSMB (Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg.) We all had a blast!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A new Hanzon family is born!!

After our adventure on the 24th in Mapleton we headed up to LA for Reece and Haley's wedding. It was such a gorgeous day (and a crazy weekend!). We were so excited to see them so happy! The sealing ceremony was beautiful, the tacos for lunch AMAZING, and the reception was delightful! My favorite part was the "berries buffet" :) We are so happy for them!!! (And we hoped they liked the soccer ball shaped ice cream maker).

Oh... and by the way, I could not resist taking pictures of the "SEPULVEDA BOULEVARD AND STREETS" :D

24th of July!!!

We had a blast in Mapleton with the Malzl's for the 24th of July!!! We ran a 5K with Laly and Deyse, had a Chilean style asado (barbecue), watched the Mapleton parade, which included Kiana and Danielito Malzl, and even got a free plant!!

Zane won his age group and received a gold medal! Good job Zane! Nany....finished the race! Good job Nany! ;)