Saturday, March 1, 2014

Videos of little baby Avery

Even as a tiny little baby, Avery LOVED to stretch. Every time we got her out of her car seat, she would start stretching. Before bedtime, she would stretch. I wonder if she liked to stretch in my belly? It was really so cute!

Little Avery trying to touch the mobile. Hahaha, this made me laugh because it reminded me that when Avery was a little baby, every time she was hungry, she would hit her chin with both her fists, as if she was boxing but hitting herself. 

So sad little Avery must have had a bad dream....maybe she was reliving birth??...I hope not....

Baby Avery was already trying to talk to us. Too bad we were not developed enough to understand 'Baby.'

Avery was a very smiley baby.  We love her SO!

Our cute little baby Avery :) Love her! <3 br="">