Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zane was called to the Bishopric

So back in April of 2010, Zane received a phone call from one of our Stake Counselors asking for him and me to go to an interview with him. And so we the interview, the Stake Counselor asked Zane if he would be willing to serve as a 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric and asked me if I would support him. I think we both just sat quietly with a dumb look on our faces. After a minute, we realized he wasn't joking, so we promptly told him we would be happy to! And then Zane proceeded to ask him... are you sure you want me? Then we told him about how unqualified and clueless we felt about all of this. He was very nice and supportive, and read to us D&C 121. It was a very humbling experience for both of us. Zane's parents and siblings, and the Malzls (my uncle and aunt and their family) came to his setting apart and also participated in Zane's ordinance as a High Priest. Zane's dad ordained him as a High Priest. It was SUCH a neat experience! Our Stake President, who had been Zane's Philosophy teacher back at BYU, gave him a most beautiful blessing as he set him apart. What an inspired man! This would mean, that from now on, 28 year old Zane would be sitting in High Priest meetings with "older" men (no offense). After the ordeal, we enjoyed a pot luck at our house, and realized how much work was ahead of us! Zane interrogated my uncle Christoph who was currently serving as a 2nd counselor in his bishopric, haha. I have to say, that it was fun to be at some meetings together (since I was serving as the RS Secretary at the time), and to witness my husband serve the Lord so well and with so much dedication and love!