Saturday, November 19, 2011

More belly pictures!!! 15 weeks pregnant

I honestly took SO many pictures of my pregnant belly!! Once a month, a think...or more! Here are some pregnant pictures. This picture was taken on March 2nd, 2010 at 15 weeks pregnant. Please disregard my "I feel like crap - pregnant face."

Zane's birthday 2010!!! Happy birthday future daddy!

My Zane had his 28th birthday party last year. Oh how grateful I am that Zane was born 28 years ago. He is the greatest blessing in my life and I love him with all my heart and soul! I had planned a surprise birthday party for him, which worked...until two minutes before the party started. Hahahaha, if you want the long version of the story, ask me! Kirsten, Reagan, Haley, Reece, and the Malzl's came. We ate delicious food, enjoyed great company, and watched Kirsten's ultrasound video! A great time was had by all. Happy birthday Zane!! And MANY more!!!!!!

Grizzlies with the Parkins!

We went to see the Grizzlies hockey team at the E Center in Salt Lake City with our friends the Parkins (and some of their relatives). It was so much fun! I felt like I (Nany) understood what was going on MUCH better than the first time Zane and I went.

Chile earthquake fundraiser at BYU

My friend Pablo Penailillo put together a fundraiser at BYU for the victims of the Chile earthquake. He asked me if I would like to participate in it by singing. I felt SO privileged to do so! Although I wasn't sure if I could to a good job with my nausea, I was excited to do it. I think I sang a couple of "boleros" from a Luis Miguel songbook. I LOVE TO SING THOSE SONGS!!!

Earthquake in Chile - February 2010

At 3:30 A.M. on February 27th, 2010 a magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck southern Chile. It was devastating. I (Nany) grew up used to earthquakes, but this one was something else; far worse than anything I had ever felt. My parents and siblings were in Chile, I was in Utah this time. Fortunately, they were safe. It was beautiful to watch the humanity, love, and compassion of people who helped in any way they could.