Saturday, June 5, 2010


My cute family had balloons and a sign that read Bienvenidos (welcome) when we arrived at my parent's house. We then had a post-Christmas celebration/gift exchange with my family. As soon as we could, we headed straight to the beach!!! Oh how I had missed my Chile!


We went to my beautiful Chile to have our Chilean wedding reception so we could celebrate with all of my family, relatives, and friends. The night before we left for Chile we had a mini Nany birthday celebration in which we went to Tucano's to eat some Brazilian (SO good!) and I got my nails done and had a pedicure (also to be ready for the reception!). We were SO excited to fly to Chile we couldn't wait!

Our 1st Married Valentine's Day!

Great memories!!! While we were still living in the Covey apartments we celebrated our 1st Married Valentine's Day. I think it fell on a Saturday and our ward had a Valentine's Day party. Since I was in the activities committee in the ward, we helped plan and MC the event. It was a lot of fun! Too bad we didn't take pictures! Zane surprised me with beautiful flowers, balloons, and a gorgeous necklace. I gave him tickets to the Grizzlies! It was my very 1st hockey game. Zane had to (and still has to) explain to me all the rules! We had a wonderful time, although the Grizzlies lost to the team from Bakerfield.

More of 2009

Happy birthday Mattias!

Mattias' b-day is only 4 days after Zane's. We went to Mapleton to celebrate his birthday with him. It's amazing to see how much this little boy has grown!!! I can't believe I once changed his diapers!

Luke came to visit!!!

Our dear Luke Hanzon came to visit us for Valentine's weekend. It is always so fun to see him!! I just enjoyed watching of Zane and Luke while they were playing the Wii, they were in their own little world!