Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our fun fun 4th of July! Happy b-day USA!

This was our 1st 4th of July as a Hanzon family. Of course, we had to go out into the wilderness and try out our new tent and sleeping bags!!! Realizing we did not have a stove, we headed to good ol' Walmart to get some summer sausage, crackers, cheese, and Powerade (which btw was 60 cents...not bad). After almost eating half of our crackers in the car, we arrived at American Fork Canyon.

We started walking in a trail (because we wanted to go backpacking, not car camping) and didn't really know where we would end up...we just "walked by faith".... So as I was heading our adventure, I realized after a couple of minutes that I was getting no response from Zane, and I was pretty much talking to myself. I looked back and far, far away there was Zane Hanzon trying to make his GPS watch work! I have to admit that it was very useful later on :)

After almost 1 mile (which seemed more like 5 as it was getting dark), we found a good flat area and we (more like..Zane) began setting our tent!!! It was so exciting! Of course, we had a BEAR BAG, since I am still terrified and afraid of bears (they eat people).

Here are some shots!

Us in the tent!!!

The infamous bear bag...not, it did not get eaten by a bear thank goodness!

It was gorgeous!!!

In the middle of the jungle!! (Zane made fun of me for calling it jungle...since he actually stayed in the REAL amazon jungle for 1 week in Peru... looked like a jungle to me ;)